Tuesday, July 1, 2008

bleached mah jeans

they turned out pretty good 
but I'm kinda in a style crisis 
I'm becoming more..idk boring clean cut? 
less nuts haha 
i guess i might just be a walking oxymoron 
a girl who dresses old school preppy, and listens to electronic metal 
here are ze jeans 
i played DDR/guitar hero for about 6 hours yesterday 
I think i got carple tunnel, and when i close my eyes all i see is the ddr arrows haha . 
andd wow im so obsessed with a certain someone, and now R is trying to talk to me WTF what a cunt. 
I think im becoming more mature, I find myself more interested in makeup than clothes now a days. 
if my mom looses her job, she wants to go to the beauty academy and work with skin care. I kinda want to follow in her footsteps as well 

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