Monday, June 30, 2008



tres, tre, two, twa

its a boring summer day now, onto my third post in the last 15mins hah 
well, I've lost a very dear friend and i hate to be sappy but i miss her 

she used to be my best fried and now.. yeah she talking shit hah 
here are some memories of EMMA+REANNA
even though she is a cunt now haha 
again i say 
fuck her


i also found a great band called the knife from sweden 
oh and i have been practicing my danish for my next trip to denmark WOO 

goddag, hvordan har du det? 
rart at mode dig

oh and im totally obessed with a certain somebody and i need to get over it 

I'm actually ten times less depressed when I'm not in school, like the increase of happiness is insane 
and I did a little room makeover so I'm feeling good 

haven't written on here for a while

I'm not good with diary/blogs 
I can never keep up with them 
well whats been up with me, maybe i shall express/vent my summer so far

ze drama

my brother relapsed and started using speedballs(coke/heroin) again, his face was all cut up, he detoxed at home and now he is in a program YAY OLIVER, woo
another relapse... 
my moms good friend greg relapsed after being 4 years sober and went on a rampage of stealing houses in my neighborhood. 
big woop 

anywhos, this has been a decent summer. pretty much all the usual poeple i hang out with are on vacation and when they get back its time for the FAIR yayyy!!!1
I went to sea ranch again, and had a wonderful time and got HELLA tan 
i had a week phase of smoking cigs hah ik super lame
but i stopped
thats pretty much it. 

Saturday, June 7, 2008


whoaaa shit i haven't posted on here in a while
i'm not good with blogs/journals 
but i have been buisy 
i need some ME time 
here are some pictures haha cause i don't know how to express/vent

shits wack

haha throw'n up my T and puttin on mah face

im going insane before finals 
i don't know shit about science 
fuck my life 
i dont want to go to summer school hella bad 

but to look on the bright side school will be out and i had a wonderful lunch in the city yesterday