Sunday, April 27, 2008




                                                                          plane ride to denmark------------->

OK three in one day, whatever I'm bored 
its my moms birthday, and i am forced to spend time with little kids 
Emma(my name) means mother and hebrew, and i could not hate little kids more 
now what was the point of this post again.. 
oh yeah pictures 
really faded---------------------------------------------->


Hate to post two in one day

i find this whole blog thing bizzar, but i guess i will just write about myself, and my thoughts/outfits, for personal records
soo lets see yesterday i went to my friend's brothers concert &wore
american apparel dress in thats color
black denali northface
black tights
and minetonka moccasins 

HMMM a blog

Well this is my frist blog post
I guess I should tell you something interesting about myself.. well 
I'm not much of a writer
I speak english/danish 
I like fashion and care about my apperance 
I love my friends and am currently content 
I don't hav the best family situation i guess you could say 
I live in the BAY AREA 415, were we g0 hyphii33 &&g3t crunk (JP)
I like to have fun&&&party
and I love thrift shops, and mexican food
and I'm learning spanish 
thats about it for now 
theres a picture of me from summer, not the best picture but whatever, more soon i guess